Best Graphic Shader Pack for 1.7.2!

I felt I needed to have a follow up on my previous blog post that covered the best performance you could get in minecraft with the shaders mod on low-end pc’s. I think it is a good idea that I go from best performance to best graphics, so let’s delve into the world of Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders!

To start, I will tell you that it is truly unbelievable what this guy has done to the game. It is so beautiful, and it completely changes the game in a great way. I mean, look at this!Image


The clouds, the shadows, the water, the rain, the snow, the fog; it all seems so realistic. It is so immersive to see it start to cloud up, fog, and start storming mid-game, that after you’ve had this shader, you won’t want to switch back to a normal, vanilla minecraft. I’d say that if you have a mid to high-end pc, and an extra 15 minutes to get it set up, these shaders are well worth trying out.


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